E-readers, take heart! The Kindle version of HEARTLESS CRUELTY is now available through Amazon.com. Whoo-hoo. Go to amazon.com, type in the title OR my name, and there you go. By the way, if you like and use e-books but prefer a different format, PLEASE let me know. I will be adding new formats as soon […]


IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

YES, we are live.  HEARTLESS CRUELTY is available for purchase in a gorgeous paperback edition (cover design by Steve Leibowitz of Steve Leibowitz Design) NOW!!! As in right now. Go here and  buy there. Please and thank you! www.createspace.com/3948859 Click on this link which should take you to the e-store. If it does not work […]


Author examining proof copy


WHAT’S THE STORY? 1983. The Jersey shore. William Bachman, Mr. Bachman to hundreds of students and graduates of Atlantis High and their parents, believes that truth can be found if you try to write it down. And despite what some people think of him, he doesn’t believe in heroes. He believes in protagonists.  “…Your victim […]



Welcome to my author-blog.  When we are up and running, this will be the place to go if you want to: Communicate with me, Richard Goffman, the author of Heartless Cruelty. Learn more about Mr. William Bachman, the hero (oh, how he hates that word) of the Mr. Bachman series of books, of which Heartless […]