The Mr. Bachman Series of Jersey Shore Thrillers

Laid So Low

1979. Atlantis, New Jersey. A deadly international sex trafficking cartel has little to fear from a local teacher who arms his young charges with pens in a world full of swords. Beset by intimate betrayal, violent death, and the collapse of all he holds sacred, Mr. Bachman is on the verge of losing everything. …There was a flow to all the things that were happening to him and around him. He didn’t know where it started, and he didn’t know where it would lead, but it didn’t seem too dramatic to think that maybe it came from Hell, and maybe it was leading someplace really bad. This afternoon… he would take his first crippled step on a road down which he was being drawn forward, on a voyage over which he had no control. When this school day was over, he had an appointment with Detective Dick Raumbaugh of the Atlantis Police Department. If I weren’t me, Bachman thought, I’d suspect me. Of something. Four years before the devastating events of HEARTLESS CRUELTY – the first book in the highly praised MR. BACHMAN SERIES – a younger, greener, newlywed William Bachman, untested by the real world and unprepared for what lies ahead, optimistically begins a new school year. The fate that awaits will either toughen him up in a hurry, or crush him. Laid So Low, only $16.99 or in a 2-pack with Heartless Cruelty for $29.99.
Heartless Cruelty by Richard Goffman
HEARTLESS CRUELTY is A twisted murder mystery. A passionate romance. A tale of political and moral corruption set in the not-so-idyllic Jersey shore town of Atlantis. The first in a series of novels about a complex, flawed, courageous everyday hero. William Bachman is a champion for his students, and for the real, effective, life-saving power of the written word. HEARTLESS CRUELTY will appeal to anyone who, as an adult or a teenager, has ever spent time in a high school classroom. Despite Mr. Bachman’s protestation that “…heroism is a myth …There were protagonists, not heroes,” anyone who can recall a teacher who stood out as particularly caring and wise will recognize the potential for heroism in that iconic figure. Anyone who teaches or has taught may find something of his or her best self in Mr. Bachman. If you remember a special teacher who changed your life, you will enjoy reading HEARTLESS CRUELTY, the first book in the Mr. Bachman series. Heartless Cruelty, only $16.99 or in a 2-pack with Laid So Low for $29.99.
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