1983. The Jersey shore. William Bachman, Mr. Bachman to hundreds of students and graduates of Atlantis High
and their parents, believes that truth can be found if you try to write it
down. And despite what some people think of him, he doesn’t believe in heroes.
He believes in protagonists.
 “…Your victim is nowhere to be found, your
villain is the victim. So who the
hell is the hero?”
 “Hero?” Bachman said.
your story has one,” R2 said.
without a hero, not only is your story not really a story,” R2 said as he
worked, drawing three beers from the taps without breaking eye contact with
Bachman. “Irregardless of whether it’s about murder or child abuse, it don’t
matter. But more important, without a hero, you got no happy ending.”
who… There is no hero,” Bachman said.
it don’t matter who’s right,” R2 said, “or what kinda story it is. ’Cause
whether that kid is the victim, the villain, or both, either way he’s totally

A crackling mystery, a passionate love story, a desperate race to save a
motherless child who may not want to be saved. This is the first book in the
Mr. Bachman series.
The next Mr. Bachman mystery, a prequel, is coming in 2013. The working
title is Laid So Low. Keep up with
the latest on Mr. Bachman at www.RichardGoffman.com.
Richard W. Goffman is the author of two college textbooks on writing and
reading, as well as magazine articles, novels, short stories, plays,
screenplays and poetry. He writes, teaches and lives in New Jersey.

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