It has been far too long since I have blogged about my activities. Since last fall I have
  • migrated my old blog into this more full-service website.
  • had some readings and appearances at the Jersey shore and elsewhere
  • asked my publisher, 99%BOOKS, to add another name to their
    stable (pantheon?) of authors: Gino Bardi. More about Gino later.

But most importantly to me and I hope you is I FINISHED WRITING, EDITING AND REVISING MY NEW BOOK: TAKEOVER. Then Leibo, my friend/art director, designed a fabulous new cover for it, like he always does. And 99%BOOKS HAS PUBLISHED IT!!! As of today, Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 8, they are expecting a large shipment of the books to the warehouse ANY DAY. MAYBE TOMORROW.
What the hell is TAKEOVER about?, you may be asking, Is this BACHMAN III, the next release in the “riveting series of Jersey shore thrillers?” TAKEOVER doesn’t sound like a Mr. Bachman title. That’s because it is NOT a Mr. Bachman book.
TAKEOVER is a comedy. It is a satire of the business world, more specifically the world of home entertainment (video, music, yada and yada) as it existed in the 1990s. Remember when you first rented movies on VHS or even Beta video cassettes, back in the ’80s or even late ’70s? (Too young to remember that? Well good for you.) Then, remember when you didn’t do that anymore? Well this takes place between those two points.
TAKEOVER is a dark satire. A black comedy. In fact, maybe I’ll write another blog post that will explain it better. Until next time, click on one of the many BUY buttons throughout this website and get your hands on TAKEOVER.

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