Monthly Archives: May 2015


We’re having a contest!!! The details are not
finalized, but the gist is this: Send (text, email, whatever’s easiest for you)
a picture of yourself (or somebody) reading LAID SO LOW. Bonus points if you have two people, one reading LAID SO LOW and the other reading HEARTLESS CRUELTY

Winners will be drawn at random from all entries. Grand prize (like I
said, still working out the details) will be a weekend at the Jersey shore! Other
prizes tbd! How easy! How fun! I’ll be posting pics as they come in. THE MORE
THE MERRIER! Just make sure you include your name and the best means of
contacting you.


Now you can read the book you’ve been waiting for…..

Finally, the book you’ve been waiting to read on the beach, the latest in the Mr. Bachman series of Jersey shore thrillers. 
If you’ve read HEARTLESS CRUELTY, you must get your hands on LAID SO LOW, the darker, more dangerous thriller that is the PREQUEL to HEARTLESS CRUELTY. And if you haven’t read HEARTLESS CRUELTY yet, now is your chance to catch up on the whole exciting series.