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I can’t tell you how thrilling it is every time someone asks me when my new book is coming out. In fact, it is just about equal parts compliment and pressure, and writers need both. So thanks!
The good news, here is your first glimpse of Laid So Low
Laid so Low is the second book in the Mr. Bachman series of Jersey shore thrillers. It is a prequel to Heartless Cruelty, Mr. Bachman’s debut. Laid So Low presents to the reader the slightly younger, slightly less mature, 29-year-old, 1979 model William Bachman. He’s utterly devoted to his students — some things don’t change with time. 
This Mr. Bachman is married… or at least he is at the beginning of the book. 
This Mr. Bachman faces obstacles and threats more evil than those found in Heartless Cruelty.
This Mr. Bachman, no matter how much he rejects being put into the position of hero, must find a way — because defenseless young lives are at stake.
Heartless Cruelty presented the reader with a William Bachman who was remarkably world weary for a popular, still-young teacher, well-liked, even loved, at the Jersey shore. Laid So Low will provide some background and some insight into what has formed this man. He wants to be neither the hero, nor the protagonist. In the end he will be called upon to be more than either. He will be callled upon to be a champion for those who have no other.

So, loyal readers…. Here is the promised first glimpse of Laid So Low, book 2 in the Mr. Bachman Series of Jersey Shore Thrillers.