Monthly Archives: January 2014

Not yet. SOON! But for now…..

The last post (see below) foresaw two imminent arrivals: the new website,, and Laid So Low, the second novel in the Mr. Bachman series, a prequel to Heartless Cruelty. The good news: They are STILL IMMINENT. Both of these momentous events will, I now expect, take place this spring. Both the new improved website and the new Mr. Bachman thriller are still nearing completion but are not quite there yet. And I have learned my lesson, and will not pick an exact date until I know for sure I can fulfill it. It’s like Orson Welles said about Paul Masson’s wines.

We did complete, last summer, the first promo video for Heartless Cruelty. You can see it here. And when you hear the announcer refer you to the new website, for now just pretend he said 

I hope you like the video. If you do, please pass it along to someone who might like it too, and who should know about Mr. Bachman and Heartless Cruelty.

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