Monthly Archives: August 2013



— probably in a couple of weeks — 
my new website will be up at

It will replace this blog.
If someone clicks on this blog
after the new website is up
they will be redirected there.

The new site is coming along, and it looks beautiful. I’ve got a great team working on it, led by Nick Simonelli @SimonelliDesign. It will have all kinds of functionality that you can’t have on a blog (although it will contain a blog). I’ll be able to sell books directly — but I will still always try

to direct customers to bookstores, and only use me as the seller of last resort. In phase two of the new site, after it is up and running, we’ll be adding direct downloads of e-books in every possible format.
The most exciting thing about the new site, for me, is the prospect of interacting with my readership base, which keeps growing, not exactly by leaps and bounds, more by hops and skips… but it keeps growing just the same. Next year, for example, everyone will be able to be part of a book project that is tentatively called MY MR. BACHMAN, in which people remember the teacher they had (or have) who most exemplifies the values of our own Mr. Bachman. You’ll be hearing more about this…. as soon as I finish the current projects: finishing the promo video; finalizing the website; and, most important of all, getting LAID SO LOW published on or around Thanksgiving. According to my calendar, Thanksgiving is only three months away. Is that possible? Uh oh. Better get back to work.
See you on the new site.