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Reading/Signing/Talking Next Friday Evening, May 3

Do you remember the jingle that went, “It’s the latest, it’s the great-est, it’s the library”?
You do? Wow, you are really old, aren’t you?

For those of you who don’t remember that jingle, congrat-ulations.

Mr. Bachman and I will be reading and talking about HEARTLESS CRUELTY on Friday evening, May 3, at 6:30 pm. It’s sponsored by the Friends of the Library — specifically, the Sussex-Wantage Library, 69 Rt. 639 in Wantage. The F.O.L. would like you to register if you are going to attend, either by calling 973-875-3940, or by going online at

I’d love to see you there! You’ll come, we’ll read, we’ll chat, we’ll ask questions, we’ll answer questions, we’ll have a couple of laughs… What could be bad?

{Please note: The following paragraph contains actual factual facts.}
Oh! Did I mention THIS: The first 500 attendees receive a cookie. A really GOOD cookie. And everybody gets a FREE HEARTLESS CRUELTY TEACHER/HERO BUTTON. Now you’re rearranging your plans for next weekend, aren’t you?!