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 I will be reading from HEARTLESS CRUELTY on Friday evening, Nov. 2nd, from 6:30-8:00, at Sparta Books, 29 Centre Street, Sparta, NJ (behind the movie theater). Sparta Books is also the first indy bookstore to begin selling Heartless Cruelty. If you haven’t bought yours yet, you can pick it up there today.
If you know a cool independent bookstore near you, please tell them about Heartless Cruelty, and tell me about them so I can follow up. 


I just scheduled my first book group appearance!
If you would like to invite Heartless Cruelty and me to your book discussion group, let me know. I’ll bring the onion dip.

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Noir? or Blanc?

So here’s something interesting. The cover of the actual printed book is a little darker than the image that you see here on the blog. The blue is deeper, and the picture just looks like it is later at night, or a moonless night, as opposed to a brighter one. The sand doesn’t look white, it looks blue. When I first got my proof copy from the printer, my only reaction was: “WOW, THIS LOOKS COOL!!” (And if you have ever been a student of mine, you know that I abhor the use of exclamation points in most cases… but I see now that sometimes one can’t help oneself.) It looks… more mysterious, more ominous, more…. noir. Now that I’m comparing them, I wonder if I should ask them to redo it for future printings.
If you have already received your book, tell me what you think: Which cover do you like better, the darker one in your hand, or the brighter one here on the blog? You all decide, and that’s what I’ll do.